BankSwitch 2021 webinar on Canadian banks

Organised by: BankSwitch
online event


The big five Canadian banks have pumped over $600 billion into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement was signed five years ago.

For the first time, the banks are feeling the pressure from grassroots activists and their own customers. After decades of pretending there wasn't a problem, they've started making 'net-zero 2050' pledges. Find out what this actually means in practice with detailed looks at each bank's commitments and comments.

We will also discuss our Bankswitch campaign -- and give a run-down of greener banking options in Canada -- and how you can help us keep the pressure on!

This webinar will include:

- overview of the new 2021 Banking on Climate Chaos report
- a look at fossil fuel execs on the banks' boards of directors
- reviews of the banks recent climate announcements
- green banking options like credit unions
- how to help with the BankSwitch and other banking campaigns