New York Climate Week: The Urgent Need for an Amazon Exclusion

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The Amazon is home to thousands of Indigenous and frontline communities, and critical to global climate regulation. Yet due to the continued financing of industrial oil and gas activity in the region from major European and American banks, the rainforest is now at a tipping point, poised to become a climate change accelerator as it converts from being one of the world's largest carbon sinks to a carbon emitter. Similarly to Indigenous activists who successfully campaigned for major banks to exclude financing for oil drilling in the Arctic, Indigenous leaders and environmental activists are now calling on banks to immediately adopt an Amazon Exclusion policy: a commitment to end financing for any oil and gas activity in the Amazon biome, in line with the need for a global shift out of fossil fuels. Hear from Indigenous leaders and environmental activists about their push for an urgent adoption of an Amazon Exclusion policy from the world's leading financial institutions.