Week of art actions to Defund Line 3

Organised by: Stop the Money Pipeline & NDN Collective
online / physical

United States

NDN Collective and Stop the Money Pipeline, alongside the frontlines, is calling for a week of arts visibility actions to defund Line 3. The week of July 12th-18th, activists around the country will organize art actions & protests at the branches, offices and headquarters of the banks funding Line 3. 

Imagine:  Tens of thousands of wheat-pasted colorful Defund Line 3 posters on public walls in hundreds of cities across the US. Tens of thousands more of these beautiful posters by movement artists are displayed in windows or turned into signs and held during actions. Many cities project the images at night onto the Banks, and hold art builds to download the designs and paint or screen print them into signs and banners. We will be shipping newspaper prints to each group to use during the week of action. 

We will be deploying thousands of posters across the US Sign up to receive art here use them to plan an arts based action in your community! This newspaper full of posters is a tool of solidarity in your hands. It is packed with designs from 10 movement-engaged artists from across North America. It's up to you what to do with them!