Europe webinar: Banking on Climate Chaos 2022

online event

With six editions, the Banking on Climate Chaos report remains the most comprehensive analysis on fossil fuel banking, and this year was endorsed by over 500 organisations from more than 50 countries. It adds up financing (lending, and underwriting of debt and equity issuances) from the world’s 60 biggest banks for the fossil fuel sector as a whole, as well as for top expanders of the fossil fuel industry and top companies in specific sectors. Indeed, last year alone, the 60 banks profiled in the report funnelled $185.5 billion into the 100 companies doing the most to expand the fossil fuel sector.

The webinar will look at the key outcomes regarding fossil fuel financing and trends since the Paris Agreement, contrasting this with the policies that the banks behind the financing have announced and highlighting the disparity between public climate commitments and mainstream financing.  In addition, speakers from frontline communities where fossil fuel projects are being developed will share their experiences of how the lives and livelihoods of local populations are being impacted.

The aim is to provide campaigners insights on how to use the report findings and tools to support their activities.

We invite campaigners, CSOs and other interested individuals to attend and also encourage you to extend this invitation to your colleagues.