Addressing the climate crisis means following the money. And increasingly the money leads us to one place: the corporate bond market. The bond market has become a safe haven for dirty fossil fuel companies to fund their expansion. Every time investors buy fossil fuel debt they are helping a new coal plant, a new oil and gas pipeline come on line. It's the fuel that drives the expansionary system. It needs to be put out.

The Toxic Bonds initiative is a resource for civil society and media. It exists to help track - and stop - the trillions of dollars of risky debt that is financing the climate crisis. To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees there is no room for new fossil fuel projects. The course of action therefore is clear: financial institutions must deny debt to expansionary fossil fuel companies.

The Toxic Bonds initiative has identified 30 of the top corporations using the bond market to obtain finance to expand coal, oil and gas. Find out more about the Dirty 30 here ➔