Climate strike, La planète brûle : on attend quoi ?

Organised by: Collectif BreakFree Switzerland
physical event

Place Lise Girardin, Geneva, Switzerland

After a summer marked by a multiplication of extreme weather events, making the climate emergency ever more dramatic, in the absence of credible responses, and before the government conference on climate (COP 26, in November in Glasgow), let's go in the streets and demand an immediate and socially just ecological transition!
The longer we wait, the greater the destruction will be!
Heat records, giant fires, raging rivers, droughts, hurricanes and floods: the climate system is running amok and the consequences are everywhere. Everywhere the most vulnerable populations are suffering the consequences of the unconscious lifestyle of the richest.
Today, governments and companies multiply promises of zero emissions for distant horizons.
But in reality their solutions are problems
Gigantic investments, unlimited growth, waste of natural resources: after two centuries of liberalism and industrial revolution, this system has largely demonstrated its incapacity to think in the long term. However, governments and companies are following the same logic when they propose chimerical technologies such as carbon capture, and when they bet on pollution permits that shift the efforts to be made to poor countries. Depletion is before our eyes and people are longing for a profound change.
Getting out of fossil finance: let's finance a just transition
Our governments must take strong measures against the fossil fuel sector, against the industries that transport and trade it, and against the institutions that finance it.
Let's stop the fire: climate and life before profit!