Ethical consumer week session: How can we stop banks from financing the climate crisis?

Organised by: BankTrack
online event

United Kingdom

For the second year running, Ethical Consumer Magazine is hosting Ethical Consumer Week; this year exploring the theme 'Closing the Climate Gap'. On Wednesday 20 October, BankTrack is hosting this session on how to stop banks from financing the fossil fuel industry.

The climate crisis is visible all around us, and climate scientist urge us to radically cut greenhouse gas emissions. Still, the world's largest banks are pouring many hundreds of billions a year into fossil fuel projects and fossil fuel companies. By doing so, banks are locking us into a high-carbon future and exacerbating the climate crisis. This session will explore the role that banks play in the climate crisis. After that we'll discuss what we can do to stop banks from financing these harmful activities.

With Fossil Banks No Thanks campaigner Ernst-Jan Kuiper 

Wednesday 20th October, 3-5pm London time